Vintage Wares

Vintage Wares

Kitty Smith Vintage Wares was born out of an idea that if you buy enough vintage furniture over a period of many years, throw it in an old farm shed, it will then evolve into a stylish and stunning array of eclectic, unique and vintage furniture and homewares that excites the senses.  Established in 2020 after the bushfires and during the Covid-19 lockdown, our ‘iso’ project came into it’s own.


Me (as in Lisa, alter ego, Kitty), loves a bit of furniture or five. Having previously owned a beautiful furniture and homewares business in St Kilda and online for many years, a tree change saw myself and the other half, Mr Farmer, Wayne, move to a quaint and quirky rural area. With a stunning 100 acres, a vineyard that produces Shiraz, Vermentino and Viognier grapes and two beautiful accommodation retreats, this was the perfect time and property to launch our next venture, Kitty Smith Vintage Wares.


The cellar door situated in and amongst the fabulous Vintage Wares of Kitty Smith and will offer, once open, a lovely drop of red or white, cheese board and a lovely space to chill out around the fire and soak in the atmosphere.


Most items are one off, unique and originals….others you may find are a stock item but never boring.


Join us for a glass of wine, a browse through the store or a wander in the vineyard.
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