Farmer Smith 2019 Estate Grown Shiraz


The Vineyard

This Shiraz was grown on our 16 year old vineyard situated at the southern end of the famed Heathcote grape growing appellation. Heathcote has developed a formidable reputation for producing red wines of structure and longevity. The southern base of Heathcote is the coolest part of the appellation and this cool climate results in a prolonged growing season, which produces intensely flavoured fruit. Our vines were cane pruned and crop thinned to produce crops of less than 2.5 tonnes to the acre. It is this low-cropped fruitthat has, in large part, produced such a full flavoured wine.



Our winemaker’s belief is that good fruit should be treated gently and with minimal intervention. Our Farmer’s Smith 2019 Estate Grown Shiraz was treated in this manner. The fruit was gently crushed; fermentation occurred in open fermenters. A percentage of whole bunches were added to each fermenter. Fermentation was slow and was initiated by indigenous yeast strains. Hand plunging occurred three times a day. Post pressing the wine underwent malolactic fermentation. To retain the inherent fruit qualities in this wine, a decision to use no oak was made. The wine was bottled in June 2019.


Tasting Notes

Colour: A vibrant pungent crimson red.

Aroma: The wine offers a complex array of fruit aromas of spice, cloves and dark plum.

Palate: The wine is tightly packed full of black fruit, spice, cloves, and plum. The wine possesses a myriad of drinking qualities; plushness, structure, balance and a savoury richness. In short it is a lovely drink that can compel thought and is also immensely drinkable.


This wine will reward cellaring for up to 6 years.


Additional Information

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